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Episode 18

To Fight Fire with Fire

"Where the hell are we going?" a tall, small built man asked rhetorically. He wore long jeans, which he had begun to hate whilst treading through the mysterious desert in the stifling heat. He carried a pair of goggles with him, which his job in a steel plant required. He was now really grateful that he had it on him the particular day that he and his Digimon partner were somehow transported into this strange place. He wore them now, giving his eyes relief from the blowing sand.
Vedamon, an imp type Digimon wearing ancient Arabian style clothing, willed his body to radiate heat, incinerating any sand which blew in his direction. Any time Davis, his tamer, accidentally bumped into him he would get singed and yowl loudly.
They walked on through the desert in what seemed like forever until Davis stopped. He shielded his eyes with his hands and squinted, spotting something in the distance.
"What is it, Davis?" Vedamon asked.
"Trees! Like an oasis! Wait a second…" He removed his goggles and turned to his Digimon, "I think it's a mirage."
"Look again!"
Davis turned back and looked once more, seeing the trees once again, "It's not a mirage! It's really there! Haha!" Davis rolled up the bottom of his jeans and dashed off, Vedamon following close behind him.

They had reached the small oasis in minutes, spotting the small pool of water. Davis immediately threw himself on the ground beside it and plunged his head into the water. Vedamon knelt down and cupped his hands, filled them with the water and drank gratefully. After a moment of drinking eagerly Davis sat himself up, wiping the water off his face with the back of his hand as he looked around. Up in the tall palm trees were large, brown coconuts bunched together. Davis stood up and looked around on the sand. Vedamon asked, "What are you doing?"
"Looking for a rock or something."
"What for?"
"To get one of those coconuts down."

Vedamon looked up and examined the large coconuts, "Uh…I don't think that's a good idea."
Davis picked up a nearby rock and was ready to throw it. "Davis."
"Hang on, Vedamon. Imma get us some food."
Davis flung the rock upwards, hitting one of the coconuts dead on. It moved, but did not fall.

"Damn!" Davis searched for the same rock to throw once again. Vedamon was looking at the coconut, which began to move and groan. "Davis!"
"What?" Davis finally turned to Vedamon, "What is it?"
Vedamon pointed up the tree. Davis looked up and saw the coconut move, a moment later the ones next to it began to shake. Suddenly the entire bunch of coconuts detached from the tree and fell to the ground. A pair of eyes appeared on one of them with a gaping mouth and sharp teeth. It stood up, the other coconuts forming its arms and legs. It roared aloud. Davis was rooted to the spot, a few meters away from it.
"Davis!" Vedamon ran up along side him, his fists clenched and glowing slightly.

"Tropical Cannon!"

From one of its coconut arms the Digimon shot rocks at the duo. Davis instinctively turned and ran as fast as he could. "Wha- Davis?" Vedamon had expected him to give Vedamon the order to attack. He was confused for a moment before Davis called out to him, "Just run Vedamon!" Vedamon dashed off, narrowly avoiding one of the rocks colliding with his head.
The tamer and his Digimon ran towards what looked like grassy plains. Davis tried his best not to stumble in the sand as he ran and, as soon as they reached the end of the desert and were running on solid ground, they ran even faster.

When he was sure they weren't being followed, and were out of reach of the rock attack, Davis slowed down. He breathed heavily as they stopped and looked behind them. The coconut Digimon was still far off, in the desert oasis.
"Dammit!" Davis stomped one of his feet on the ground. "I'm starving."
He looked around, realizing that he and Vedamon were close to what looked like an industrial area of large, metal buildings. Most of the buildings had chimneys which gave off trains of black smoke into the air above them. The building in the center was the largest, with the biggest chimney that gave off the most smoke.
Vedamon took a few steps ahead of Davis, "Fire." He said. "There's a lot of fire there."
"You think they have anything to eat?" Davis heard his stomach growl.


The group of nine tamers and their Digimon walked on for what seemed like hours. Some of them became agitated because of the heat, others made it obvious that they were tiring quickly, especially the Digimon. Rockymon trudged on, dragging his paws on the ground. Maaumon let her tail drag along behind her, the golden ankh heavily weighed it down. Vulpemon pushed on, hiding the fact that her legs were shaking slightly.
"Alex, we have to stop." Maya said finally.
Alex nodded and stopped, he carried his hoodie over his shoulder. He wiped the sweat off of his brow with the back of his hand.
Trask sat himself down onto the grass, wiping the back of his neck. The others sat down one by one, breathing the air in deeply. Selena removed her thick coat and rolled up the sleeves of her pale blue, long sleeved dress. She looked around at each of the other tamers and Digimon, seeing each of them flushed with the heat. She nudged her penguin Digimon, "You can help them out."
"Huh? Oh, right." Tulamon nodded.
"Activate Evolution!"

"Tulamon evolve to…"
Tulamon grew to a larger penguin Digimon with bright, dark pink feathers on her head and tail.

The tips of Niscimon's claws formed ice and as she touched the ground the ice spread, freezing the grass beneath the group. She then inhaled deeply and let out a gentle cool breeze at the group.

"Ah, Niscimon, you're a Godsend!" Trask said, relishing the cool breeze.

Maya noticed smoke in the distance. "What do you suppose that could be?" she asked Phoebe, pointing to it. Phoebe shrugged her shoulders, "Perhaps another village?"
"No," Alex said. "Villages don't make black smoke."
"Could be some kind of factory? I mean, anything's possible here." Trask said.
"Could be," Alex thought as he stared in the direction of the smoke.
"We should check it out. I don't see any other villages around." Yasmin suggested.
The group took a few moments to cool themselves off before heading off again.

They were getting closer to the source of the dark smoke that trailed into the sky above them. They saw the large, metal buildings, factories of sorts, and the largest one in the center.
"It's a little hot here, don't you think?" Trask pulled at the collar of his shirt in an effort to cool himself down a bit.
"Certainly is." Viola fanned herself with her hand.

"Hey! You there!"
A voice shouted to them. The tamers and Digimon looked around. Vulpemon's fur stood on end, as did Rockymon's and Mauumon's.

"Over here!"
The tamers looked in the direction of the voice. A Digimon stood waving to them from one of the steel buildings nearby, beckoning them to him.

"Quick! Friend or foe?" Trask asked.

"Hurry up!" the Digimon shouted. The tamers and their Digimon stood where they were. Suddenly a fire ball came hurling towards them. "Look out!" the Digimon shouted.

"Crystal Torrent!"

Tulamon jumped up and shot a stream of ice cold water from her mouth, reducing the fireball to steam. More fireballs were hurled at them.

"Pyro Tornado!"
The mysterious Digimon ran up to the group and leapt up, spinning in mid-air before being engulfed in raging orange flames. The flaming tornado absorbed all the fireballs and blasted them back into the direction they came, hurling into the Digimon that had sent them; as tall as a human man, but completely engulfed in fire with bright, blue eyes. He sneered as the fireballs were returned to him, barely flinching as they were absorbed by his flaming body.

The tornado subsided and the Digimon stood in front of the team; he was also as tall as a man, with large, red and gold armor covering his body. He had a red mask covering his human-like face and long, blonde hair.

"Agunimon!" the flaming Digimon yelled at him with scorn. "What do you think you're doing? Can't you see these creatures are dangerous? They look just like the one we've found."

"The one we've found?" Alex whispered.
"The tenth tamer?" Maya exchanged a look with him.

"Meramon, these creatures are not dangerous." Agunimon said.
"And how would you know?"
"Because I don't listen to your pathetic leader!"
"How dare you!"
"Do you not know who these Digimon are?"
"Weaklings! Nothing more!"
"The Digimon of Origin!"

The flaming Digimon that is Meramon stood silent for a moment, his eyes rolling off of each of the rookies.
"Impossible! Those are just stories."
"These are humans. How else would that explain their being in our world?"

Meramon stood silent.
"Think about it, Meramon! Ten humans, with ten Digimon."
"Enough! You will pay for your insolence! SkullMeramon will hear about this! But after he rewards me for defeating you!"

Meramon leapt at Agunimon, fists clenched. "Get out of the way!" Agunimon yelled at the group before leaping forward, meeting Meramon in mid-air, their fists connecting. Flames formed on the gauntlets of Agunimon's forearms and feet. The team backed away from the two fire Digimon.

"Okay. Friend." Alex told Trask.
"Agunimon, champion level Digimon." Phoebe checked her D-Ark device.
"The other one's Meramon, also a champion Digimon." Selena checked hers.

Agunimon swung his arm towards Meramon's head. He ducked quickly and countered with a kick to Agunimon's torso. Agunimon fell back but regained his composure and shot forwards with a punch to Meramon's face. Meramon tumbled to the ground, holding his jaw.

"We don't have to do this, Meramon. You know deep down I'm right, and the stories of the Digimon of Origin are true. You can feel that it's true, as I can." Agunimon stood over Meramon.

"But SkullMeramon, he told us that-"

"SkullMeramon is a tyrant. You let him lead you because you're afraid. You and the other Digimon here." Agunimon held out his hand to the flaming Digimon and helped him to his feet.

Meramon looked at the group of humans and their Digimon, "I knew who they were the second I saw the other one. I just…didn't want to believe it. SkullMeramon would've been extremely angry if any of us said something."

The two fire Digimon walked towards the group. "I apologize for attacking you," Meramon said. "I am Meramon."
"And I'm Agunimon. Please, don't be afraid."

Maya took a step forward, "I'm Maya." She gestured to her feline Digimon at her side, "This is Rockymon." One by one Maya introduced the other members of the team.
"There's another human here?" Duke asked Meramon. He nodded.

"The human and the Digimon with him came searching for food. The Candlemon took them to their home and gave them sustenance. One of the others had alerted our leader, SkullMeramon, and he ordered that they be taken as his prisoners." Meramon explained.

"Where are they?" Phoebe asked. Meramon turned and pointed to the tallest building in the city.
"We have to free them. Will you help us?" Maya asked. Agunimon nodded with a smile. Meramon was hesitant. "If SkullMeramon finds out-"

"I think SkullMeramon's reign is just about over." Agunimon said. "There have been numerous rebellions against him, but he…" Agunimon clenched his fists. "He's just too strong. He's got most of the Digimon here wrapped around his finger. And the rest of them are just too scared to do anything."

"Then let's make a deal." Alex stepped forward. "You help us by releasing the prisoners, and we'll help you overthrow SkullMeramon."

"Overthrow?" Meramon stepped back. He was beginning to get nervous.

"No need to be afraid, Meramon." Agunimon said. "I have faith in them, don't you?"


"Will you quit it?" Davis told his Digimon.
"I'm meditating!" Vedamon replied.
"Well your humming's giving me a headache."
The two were locked away in a small, dingy dungeon cell. It had one small window, which denied Davis any relief from the heat of the furnace that was burning nearby. Vedamon was calm and collected, always resorting to meditation whenever the two were in a tight spot.

"Come on, Vedamon. Just evolve so you can get us out of here!" Davis said. "I'm dying here, man!" He wiped the sweat from his brow.
"But Davis, there are too many of those Digimon guarding this place, we can't make it out that way."
"Then what do you suggest? Being slow roasted alive?" Davis' flailed his arms. "I'm used to high temperature, Vedamon, but not the inside of an oven!"


"Master!" Meramon stood in front of his leader, SkullMeramon. "We've captured more of them!"

SkullMeramon had the body of a well built man, but he had a head made of metal which and blue, flaming hair. He also had heavy chains wrapped across his torso and arms. He leaned forward in his seat, intrigued as more Meramon walked into his chamber with a group of the same strange creatures and some Digimon. He gave an amused chuckle before he spoke with a deep voice, "Excellent, Meramon! Have them sent to the dungeon with the other two."

"Very good, master." Meramon turned and gestured. The other Meramon poked and prodded the group as if herding them out of the chamber.
"Wait!" SkullMeramon stood up. "Bring that one to me!" he pointed at the blond girl with the blue dress.
Meramon became nervous, but gently pulled on Selena's arm and led her to his leader. "Selena…" Tulamon said under her breath.

SkullMeramon stepped down and walked around Selena, examined the human girl. "Don't you touch her!" Duke shouted. SkullMeramon stopped and turned towards the others. "Which one said that?"
One of the Meramon pushed Duke forwards with such force he tripped and fell. He picked himself up and dusted himself off, glaring into the red eyes of SkullMeramon.


Davis repeatedly banged his head in frustration on the steel gate of his cell, trying to distract his brain from Vedamon's incessant humming. From the stairway beyond the cell gate he heard a scuffle. He stopped and looked up the stairway, seeing nothing but moving shadows in candlelight. Suddenly a Meramon came tumbling down the stairs. Davis jumped back. Vedamon stood up, alert. Agunimon came running down towards the cell.

"Agunimon!" Davis shouted happily.
"Shhhh! Told you I'd help you out."
"How did you manage?" Vedamon asked.
"The others, they're here!"
"Others?" Davis looked at Vedamon.
"Humans! And the Digimon of Origin!"
"No way!" Davis said.
"Stand back!"

Davis and Vedamon took a few steps back as Agunimon summoned flames from the gauntlet of his left arm.
"Pyro Darts!"
With his right arm he grabbed the flames and threw them at the cell gates like darts. The flames ate through the steel bars, melting it. The fire Digimon then kicked the gate, sending it flying to the back wall of the cell.
"Come on!" he said.
Davis and his Digimon followed him back up the stairway.


"Duke!" Selena shouted as SkullMeramon whacked Duke across the face with a heavy hand, sending him flying across the floor.

"Golden Beam!"

The golden ring around Elishamon's neck and arms began to emit a blinding white light as she sent beams out, blasting the Meramon that held them before leaping into the air, her body engulfed in a bright red-pink light.


"Elishamon evolve to…"
The small, pink dragon's form grew large and larger, sprouting horns on her head and fairy-like wings on her back. The light faded and she landed on the ground with her large paws, causing the ground to shake for a second.

"Frozen Nova!"
Enumamon inhaled deeply. Exhaling, she sent a blast of ice cold breathe at SkullMeramon. The blue flames on his head were almost completely diminished. Selena took the opportunity to run up to Duke, who was out cold on the floor. "Tulamon!" Selena shouted. The penguin Digimon began to glow with a pale blue light.

"Tulamon evolve to…"
From the light a larger penguin creature stood, with sharp claws on her fins.

"Blizzard Pummel!"

Niscimon raised her fins, which became slightly frosted. She began to launch icicles at SkullMeramon. He caught one in his grip. The icicle melted as his hands became engulfed by blue flames.

"All of you, get in there!" Alex yelled out to the remaining rookies.


"Rockymon evolve to…Manxmon!"

"Maaumon evolve to…Mikemon!"

"Equimon evolve to…Kentauromon!"

"Vulpemon evolve to…Youkomon!"

"Heraldimon evolve to…Rosaemon!"

"Midomon evolve to…Graikosmon"

"Griffmon evolve to…Leaormon!"

Groups of Meramon swarmed into the chamber, leaping in to attack the newly evolved champions.

"Panthera Punch!" Manxmon leapt in, punching multiple fire Digimon. Mikemon jumped from one onto another, scratching and clawing as she went. Youkomon and Kentauromon buckled and kicked at the Meramon that tormented them. Leoarmon scratched and clawed while Heraldimon whacked the Meramon with vines of thorns. Graikosmon charged and tackled the fire Digimon. The lone Meramon joined the Digimon of Origin and attacked his former comrades. SkullMeramon charged towards Niscimon.

"Frozen Nova!"
Elishamon hurled out a ball of molten rock as she exhaled, catching SkullMeramon on his back as he charged. He tumbled forwards, almost loosing his footing.
"Arctic Blitz!" The tips of Niscimon's claws froze over and she jumped forward, scratching SkullMeramon across his shoulders, ice forming in her wake as she leapt out of the way. The fire Digimon shrugged the ice off and swung towards the two champions.

The tamers caught sight of Agunimon running into the chamber, with a smaller Digimon behind him and, more importantly, another human. "It's him." Maya said. Davis was astonished by the group of Meramon being attacked by some awesome looking Digimon. As he looked around the room he saw a dragon and a large penguin take on SkullMeramon. His eyes traveling further across the room his spotted the group of humans, "No way. It's true then."
"Davis, let me help them!" Vedamon tugged on his jeans.
"What?" He looked down at his Digimon, "Oh, right." He retrieved his orange and silver D-Ark from his pocket.


"Vedamon evolve to…"
Vedamon was covered in a bright orange light. His form grew tall and human-like. His arms split into two pairs. The light faded, revealing his new form; he wore long, light yellow pants and had belts around his waist, ankles and two of his four wrists. The remaining two wrists had shining gold gauntlets on them and on his head he wore a golden crown. He twirled his two long, Arabian swords as he shouted out proudly.

"Enough!" Dharmamon yelled, his commanding voice echoed through the large, steel chamber. The Meramon and the champions paused, all eyes on Dharmamon. The new champion stood with two arms in his hips, the third he raised up, pointing his sword at SkullMeramon. The Meramon backed towards one side of the chamber, the Digimon of Origin backing towards their tamers, allowing SkullMeramon to make his way towards Dharmamon.

SkullMeramon grinned beneath his metal mask, "A challenge then?"
"Accept it, or show yourself to be nothing more than a coward." Dharmamon said calmly.
"Coward?!" SkullMeramon became angered. He bounded forwards towards Dharmamon. The champion stood unwaveringly. As SkullMeramon neared he leapt out of the way, sending the tyrant crashing into the wall.

"You think he stands a chance?" Trask whispered to Alex, who shrugged his shoulders.
"SkullMeramon's an ultimate level Digimon," Alex checked his device.

Dharmamon let out a giggle as he landed. SkullMeramon stood up, brushing the rubble off of his shoulders. "Wanne play, do you?" He unwrapped the chain around his arm, sending blue flames along it as he swung it into the air.

"Heat Chain!"

Like a whip SkullMermaon sent the chain flying towards Dharmamon. He parried it with a blow from his swords.

"Fire Slash!"

Dharmamon's swords ignited into raging flames. He charged forwards, slamming his swords down, but SkullMeramon had quickly wrapped his chains around his fists, parrying the attack. He then grabbed Dharmamon's small wrists in his large hands. The smaller Dharmamon struggled to pull his arms free. Using his free arms Dharmamon whacked and punched at SkullMeramon's head and hands.

"Metal Fireball!"

SkullMeramon opened his mouth, a ball of metal formed in his jaws, small flames lapping around it. Dharmamon gasped.

"Pyro Tornado!"

Agunimon's flaming twister careened through the chamber, knocking SkullMeramon off balance. He released Dharmamon's arms and the both tumbled to the ground.

"Help me, you idiots!" He beckoned towards his Meramon minions. "No!" the ally Meramon shouted at his fellow fire Digimon. He then turned towards the tyrant Digimon, "Your reign of terror is over, SkullMeramon."

"What? You fool!" SkullMeramon slowly picked himself up. "I'll have you-"
"You'll have him what, thrown in your little prison cell?" Davis put his hands on his hips with a sense of triumph.
"You're outnumbered, SkullMeramon. Admit defeat and step down as the leader of Fire City, or else," Dharmamon said calmly.
SkullMeramon looked around the room, realizing Dharmamon was right; the ten champions, with Agunimon and the treacherous Meramon could easily defeat him. After a moment, he finally held up his arms in defeat, "Fine, I admit defeat."


SkullMeramon left Fire City as the team and Agunimon and the other residents watched. The Meramon stood sentry, making sure he didn't return. Maya and the others exchanged introductions with Davis and Vedamon. Duke still held onto his head, that still throbbed slightly form the blow.

Meramon walked over, "Thank you all. You've rid our home of that tyrant, something we've all wanted, but were too afraid-"

"No need," Trask shook his head.

Meramon nodded. "Well, now we need a new leader." He put a flaming hand on Agunimon's shoulder. Agunimon looked at him and jumped back, "What? Me? I can't lead a-"

"You're the most courageous Digimon I know. It's only right." Meramon said.
"You promised to help Vedamon and me and you did." Davis said.

The Meramon began to chant, "Agunimon! Agunimon!" Agunimon blushed. "Well, alright, I guess."
Meramon clapped him on his shoulder as the other residents; the Candlemon, DemiMeramon and Coronamon cheered.

To be continued…

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Level: Hybrid (Champion)
Type : Wizard
Family: Dragon's Roar/ Nature Spirits

Agunimon is a Wizard Digimon and a Champion-class Hybrid Digimon whose name is derived from the mythological Agni. It is the Legendary Human Warrior of Flame.

Pyro Punch: Releases a flame dragon from his fists.
Pyro Dart: Throws small bits of fire at his target from his gauntlet.
Pyro Tornado: Uses a fiery tornado to spin himself around quickly, and then strikes the enemy with a roundhouse kick.


Level: Ultimate
Type : Flame
Attribute: Data
Family: Nightmare Soldiers

His body is extremely hot, so much so that water and ice attacks have no effect on him while fire attacks just make him stronger and larger. His super hot blue flames have supreme destructive power.

Metal Fireball: Launches a destructive ball of melted metal from its mouth. Alternatively, it fires blue fire mixed with liquid metal so that it clings to an opponent.
Heat Chain: Uses one of the chains on its body as a whip.

Source for Agunimon and SkullMeramon ->

All original characters (c) =EmeraldSora
Vedamon designed by ~JaymiSaeki
Agunimon, SkullMeramon, Digimon (c) Bandai, Toei
View this episode with screenshots soon at the D-O Web blog -> [link]
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